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Climate Change

The Green Blue Deal for the Middle East is a bold initiative to advance climate security and regional peace.

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The Middle East is a Ticking Time Bomb

The implications of climate change in the Middle East are catastrophic—and they are global. The climate crisis is inflaming extremism and instability in the most water-scarce region on the planet. Without global leadership and meaningful action, millions of people will lose their livelihoods and could become climate refugees.

There is still hope, but leaders must act now

An international coalition of governments, a ‘coalition of the willing,’ is needed to help bring together the Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli governments to create shared climate-smart solutions.

The Green Blue Deal for the Middle East
Urges Action in 4 Key Areas:

Jordanian/Palestinian/Israeli cooperation to improve adaptive capacities on water and renewable energy security by creating a water and renewable energy exchange

Advancing Israeli/Palestinian natural water reallocations and water management

Rehabilitating the Jordan River and its once rich biodiversity through investments in region-wide climate-smart initiatives and creation of green jobs

Promoting public awareness and education programs—particularly directed toward youth—on resilience diplomacy in the water and climate fields as a means of conflict resolution and peace building.

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Blue Deal report

By working together we can build the framework for peace and climate security for all

Changing mindsets and ways of thinking that have led to conflict

Fostering healthy interdependencies around shared natural resources

Developing mutual economic support based on a healthier, stronger environment

Advancing the two state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

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We are urging leaders from these governments to join a ‘coalition of the willing’ to support the implementation of a Green Blue Deal for the Middle East:
We are calling on Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians to demand their heads of state endorse the GBD and act to implement the policy recommendations of the deal.
We are calling on G7 governments to have the Green-Blue Deal chosen as part of the G7 Build Back Better World Initiative.
We are calling on local environmental, peace or faith-based organizations to endorse the Green Blue Deal for the Middle East.

We are grateful for the support of the following organizations that have endorsed our call for a Green Blue Deal (GBD)* for the Middle East.

*Beyond support for the GBD the opinions of the organizations endorsing the GBD do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of EcoPeace Middle East and our supporters.

If you represent an organization that would like to endorse the Green Blue Deal, or for more information, please contact: